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      Measures implemented Kebek Khan, were met by hostile nomadic aristrokratiey, and after his death, they tried to regain its former position. Brother Kebeg Tarmashirin (1326-1334 gg.), Who succeeded him and moved his residence to Bukhara, was deposed for refusing to follow the traditions of Genghis Khan.
      As a result of civil strife in the 40s of the XIV century. Chagatai ulus split into two independent states: Mogolistan and Maveraun-Nahr. Kazan Khan (1338-1346 gg.) In an attempt to unite the country died without achieving success. Ulus was in the hands of the Emir Kazagana, who could not become a full-ruler, so ku ... Genghis Khan was not. To the throne in turn erected Danishmandchi Khan (1346-1347 gg.), Bayan-Kuli Khan (1348-1357 gg.), Timur Shah (1357-1359 gg.), But they only considered the rulers and the authorities were in ulus emirs hands.
      In 1359 after the assassination of Kazagana a result of internal strife, Chagatai ulus disintegrated into small pieces. Haji Barlas headed the land Keta in Hodzhenge - Bayazid Jalayir in Tashkent - Khizr Yasavuri etc.
      The rulers periodically raided each other's lands, robbed. As a result, the country found itself in serious economic and political situation.

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